Friends of Kholui
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Kholui Union of Artists

The Kholui Union of Artists was formed in February 1988, and registered in the Yuzha District of Ivanovo Region, as a branch of the Union of Artists of Russia.

Its main aims and activities are:
  • Integrating acknowledged creative artists into an organization so as to create proper conditions for their artistic work, including protecting their pensions and other social rights, providing them with legal support and safeguarding their artistic property.
  • Maintaining the Union's own art collection, as well as granting artworks to state museums and galleries and participating in exhibitions in Russia and worldwide.
  • Involving members of the Union, together with state and social organizations, in providing the public with artistic and cultural education based on spiritual, national and universal human traditions.
  • Preserving and progressively developing the best traditions, both of Kholui lacquer miniature and its icon-painting foundations, within the heritage of Russian and world art, and fostering a professional approach to art in general.
  • Establishing and maintaining links with the international art community, integrating with world art unions, and establishing joint creative and exhibition venues with organizations and recognized artists abroad.

The Union has 25 members:
Rewarded Artists of Russia: N. Baburin, N. Denisov, B. Novoselov, P. Mityashin, V. Elkin;
Artists: V. Babaev, V. Blinov, E. Korotkova, M. Veselov, N. Galda, E. Grachev, S. Dmitriev, L. Zhivnostka, V. Zhivnostka, S. Zakharov, M. Komarov, N. Lapshin, T. Miliushina, A. Morozov, L. Nikonov, V. Sedov, A. Smirnov, S. Teplov, B. Kharchev, G. Kharcheva.

Chairman of the Union: E. Grachev
Members of Board: V. Babaev, N. Galda, V. Sedov, B. Kharchev