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The Society

Kholui is one of four villages in Russia where lacquer miniatures are painted, the others being Fedoskino, Mstiora and Palekh. Originally a centre of icon painting since the 16th century, the artists of Kholui developed their own unique style of miniature art after the Russian revolution. With the fall of Communism the artists have returned to the painting of icons, but continue to produce the magical lacquer miniatures which portray the folk stories of Russia.

Lacquer miniature box from KholuiLacquer miniature from Kholui

The "Friends of Kholui" was formed in 1998 to assist the Art School in the village.

Our aims are:

1. To aid the artistic development and progress within the village by providing practical assistance, and

2. To act as a source of information to our members by:

  • Arranging exhibitions of Kholui’s artwork
  • Organising visits to Kholui
  • Arranging for Kholui artists to visit the UK
  • Circulating regular newsletters to our members

Due to its creativity and artistic merit, Kholui may well be leading the field in miniature lacquer art.

This we seek to encourage and support.

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